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Degrowth for more attractive cryptocurrencies

The outrageous price course of cryptocurrencies does not correspond to the negligible degree of their use. Investors became fanatical about the idea of ​​getting rich quickly and they indulged in an endless game of speculation and lies. Many people have invested in order to increase their money a hundredfold without having the slightest idea what a cryptocurrency is. And yet as sad as it sounds, it's true taking a small taste of the psychology of the masses.

In short, the psychology of the masses usually finds application in communities where there are categorizations and standards that interfere with the personal freedom of the individual. They exist to serve the flimsy structured concept of happiness beyond one's perception of his life. Somehow millions of ordinary people came to support, losing their property, something they didn't know and weren't particularly interested in.

It seems this huge bankruptcy of crypto vicious world did not affect people who had nothing to do with this sector. Videlicet, the rise and the rapid fall affected only those who were closely involved with such investments. So a technological breakthrough in finance like this has shown that absolute digitization has indeed created another parallel reality by sinking parts of the real economy into a ridiculous web of neoploutismós and bankruptcies.

Consumer confidence in cryptocurrencies leads to a follow-up when the party is over. The vision of degrowth will be an opportunity for everyone to invest reasonable amounts in order to maintain their capital or increase it slightly over time. Bitcoin as an indicator of the state of the crypto market needs to reduce its overall value, around $2 to $5 in order to be stable, avoiding the bubble.

Staying out of the cryptocurrency speculative bubble, it will significantly prevent its disappearance. The purpose of Bitcoin is to be an online stock that will facilitate traders in weak market points. Without general underdevelopment, there will probably be no future for any cryptocurrency.

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