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Erosion of the parasitic economy

The system of economy is often balanced on two boats, the market and the politics. From these two areas, it is transformed in order to serve a general orderly function of the various parts of the state. When the system of the economy is weak or when the state is in public confusion then the logical next step is to develop forms and conditions of parasitism.

What is parasitism: when a lot of people make money from their work?

Jobs, money, production, and consumption are key features of a country's economic prosperity, even if it's on the edge of the globe. Parasitism refers to jobs that are closely linked to government funding in the environment of the free market.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the state shouldn't be interested in the social direction of its actions such as the fight against unemployment, low wages by region, and wage equality between the sexes. But something else happens in the stable bases of the economy when companies are oriented exclusively to be served by the state care for the existence of profit.

Such a situation can not remain sustainable for long and the collectivization of the modern economy has nothing to offer anymore. Society and state policy should not be afraid of the developments that are taking place in many sectors of our economy and life, as long as they are convinced that this development is in line with human needs and rights.

Technological advancement will make many jobs disappear.

Technological advancement for some people's work future may seem like a roller coaster, but it will shake off the routine of computer and accounting work done by an algorithm and a computer application in an accounting office or even our home.

In addition, it should not be taken for granted that manual labor will disappear, because this issue concerns the preference of consumers and the specialization of the professional, which a machine will never be able to surpass. The Industrial Revolution didn't eliminate all manual labor, but several standard jobs that people then undertook in manufacturing.

Those who decide that things reach a dead end and they quit, are left behind without determining the developments in production according to their desires. The world is developing and continuing its course, as always.

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