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Greed is increasing and the Mediterranean is changing

What can one say about a dreamy and at the same time limited area around many small narrow strips of land. It is no coincidence that everyone in history wanted a piece of land from this Mediterranean basin. Dozens of people crossed its seas and billions of tourists flooded its beautiful beaches in Greece, Italy, France, Spain and many other countries of the region.

In recent years, with the stock market bubble of 2008 and the various national crises in the Mediterranean countries, property prices and the cost of living have risen sharply despite the recession in the finances of the citizens majority. Although the cost of living doesn't meet the living conditions of the statal organization level in the urban network and the countryside, investors are constantly buying real estate at ever higher prices.

Is the Mediterranean in a bad spot?

Indeed, the Mediterranean is ideal for a human to live. The downside of the Mediterranean is this: It doesn't have the necessary transport network to accommodate many and if that happens then the environmental costs are likely to be high. So we can conclude that the Mediterranean will remain an untapped diamond in all its glory.

It's humiliating for an entire area located in a fillet point to be sorted by international buyers and especially by homeowners whose greed is growing day by day at a point dangerous to economic stability. History does not always repeat itself on the same rules and this is one reason why these who buy to sell with an extreme profit motive, they will lose their money abruptly.

Very late or very soon the Mediterranean will become again a place of simplicity and small dividend expectations, in such cases we can not perceive the successive changes that occur.

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