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How asiatic trends influenced America until Trade Wars

President Trump's involvement with the dark sides of the American dream brought Western World into a global trade conflict for the first time, following the rise of the Iron Wall in the mid-20th century. The so-called trade wars cost billions, and it's good to see how these measures ultimately availed the Western fair trade.

America and its citizens in the middle of an economic orgasm from the last century.

The developmental structure can be described as an absurd dream in the jungle. Suburbs like cities were erected from scratch on the verge of nowhere with nothing to serve mass social standards. Their value doesn't exceed their construction cost as anyone who chooses to live in these areas should be prepared to spend a lot of money and be isolated from useful health services in most cases.

A country that didn't want trade ended up producing such huge quantities of everything and exporting them all over the world. The United States has become the factory of the world, bringing huge revenues and political relations with other countries. At the same time, the American environment and citizens' health, in most cities of the states, were in danger cause of pollution. From an economic point of view, after so many years, I don't know if such a move was worth it, as it underestimated the health of the people who live in this country. Degrowth and a streamlining of things seemed to be the only solution that could be implemented with immediate results for everyone.

Despite the negative criticism against former President Trump, his government has achieved something very valuable. It brought to the fore the absurd conditions in which the American market and industry operate. The issue of tariffs was the catalyst for a more general restructuring of the United States in order to have a legitimate future.

One might say that by choice we leave things to a future discussion, but the gist in this case is that some things have been resolved and history is written by our daily choices individually for a collective imprint on the unorthodox practices of our times.

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