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Making a different approach to a different world

The world rotates non-stop for the last millions of years, and yet many approaches have been made by humans and many eras have passed to get us where we are today. Indeed, the world hasn't stopped changing, being a powerful example that we are alive; spending time creatively.

Filling the quiver and keeping ourselves busy. In short, Keynesian politics works to the benefit of no one.

In the work area, there is a typical example which reveals the absurdities of today's money world. The incredible utilization of resources for worthless and lesser time usage things has now gained a lot of ground in the business operations of the market, dragging shareholders and employees into a catastrophic game with time. At the end of this speculative game, we all lose.

The attempt to build a remarkable economy has failed in the mainstream part of the occupations and as long as the problems are directed at us, we are directed towards them. The need to change course is no longer in the hands of states that, in their majority, have complied with environmental regulations, nor in the hands of the consumer who has acquired extreme sensitivities about not polluting nature. The change of direction is geared towards the private companies and the self-employed who need as never before to be harmonized with reality and to think of solutions to work independently, outside the narrow usual frameworks that destroy and consume useful resources.

The need to protect the environment concerns us, not the environment.

The enjoyment of a clean, unpolluted planet concerns our own life quality which is threatened by our hitherto conscious actions against our home. Paper may not be the number one threat to deforestation, but rewarding wasteful use of data and electronic storage leads to public and private companies consuming unprofitable electricity. In order to produce it, resources are needed, oil, coal, drilling and a whole market circle for the low-value use of the respective micro-analyzes of detailed information, instead of a targeted approach to the priorities.

Labor and human relations as critical factors for future change in communities.

The future is not bleak, but it may be many other things we are unaware of them today, so we should be careful about the opportunities we leave for the younger generations, because they, like us, need to determine their lives and their future. If we put them in our own molds of development, we have probably failed to provide a real solution to the socio-environmental problem of the 21st century that seems to be slowly turning into a crisis, while we know from the goals of transnational summits that a global crisis has been averted in the best possible way.

The local environmental crises and the modern modifications in human relations should be reflected in the aspirations of companies and investors, as well as in the workplace, which until today is a point of artistic interventions and nothing more.

Those who will oppose the oversized problems that had flooded the world and start thinking about how to make a different approach to a different world may give their own answer. By answering today's questions you can define your world.

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