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Stress economics shape the falloff

The feeling of decline can be pervasive in all walks of life, although there are some significant signs of economic growth. Like a ripple effect, the decline, whether it leaves a bittersweet taste or not, has spread with plenty of examples in every society. The crisis of 2008 is taking a large part of the current situation, without implying that only the stock market crash is responsible.

Long before this crisis, people went bankrupt and lost their fortunes, without being able to easily recover them, even to a small degree. The inability of governments, market and society itself to restore those who lost their money and live on the streets can be described as intertemporal.

Economists instinctively analyze the current situation with estimates far from reality.

Almost all the predictions of the credit rating agencies and several distinguished professors of economics miscalculated the course of the economy, prevaricating with ideological analyses and personal assessments. An instinctive behavior, highly unscientific, and an attempt to stay up to date. These are now the hallmarks of economics.

Investors, for their part, are investing furiously and savers are raising money as the nectar of life. Pumping up a bubble that threatens to burst every so often, but never does. Companies in developing countries are taking advantage of this irrational behavior of developed countries living in their own digital world.

After all, countries such as Argentina, India and Iraq have come a long way in building a viable market, while the world's leading economic powers are living the drama of cyber-competition, digital waste and factitious crises that are clearly an indicator of progress, but also an indicator of dedication in a virtual sector and relative stagnation.

According to the conservative view, there is no big issue, but who knows what will be the result of not progressing. Hopefully, it will be an opportunity to ponder other topics that can benefit countries and people.

World market is on different wavelengths and professional interests. It maintains the distance between what is happening and what occurs, as market factors around the world remain melancholy about the previous form of the market they used to run. Nevertheless, the synergy of knowledge with time brings the solutions that are appropriate for every regression trend, as long as there is the appropriate activator.

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