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Sum of variety in money span

The strange properties of a multicomplex chemical compound when it comes in contact with oxygen may better explain the strangely beneficial properties of the variety in all respects. Civilizations thrive when they interact peacefully and the consumer walks around happily when he enters a beautiful supermarket.

Nothing compares to the fullness feeling of anyone who experiences this interaction, but everything affects monetary gains and in a case like this positively. And like all things don't last forever.

The flow of time tests the durability of existing things under the pressure of their wear and tear.

Variety in each topic is a distinct factor that sometimes has a degenerative effect and sometimes pushes situations beyond their limits. The family rule of the early historical times in the Mediterranean basin was overcome by the organized communities that became cities, states, countries and nations, reaching places that the people of those days would not have imagined.

Knowing that this situation was brought about by the smooth evolution, we can with any certainty claim that the continuity of the world is a constant evolution from the needs of the times. Our Age has made our lives easier and the economy more flexible to find the right workforce and ideas that will enrich the production process, as well as resource management.

The result of all above is clearly a diversity tactic that people have used since the Renaissance to this day and will continue to use to get the best out of those who have to give it, whether this diversity concerns people, ideas, or material goods.

As long as there was plenty of coal in the industrialized countries of Europe was exploited to the fullest; the same happened with the oil too, and so was the turn of renewable energy and the rational use of all of the above resources so as not to endanger the health of the citizens. In this web of changes, businesses must survive in the free market, which is fully networked, adapting new knowledge and technology to the new conditions that have arisen.

The total variety in monetary terms, is rather a major issue as something useful will not always yield a large profit margin and for this reason, every company should take advantage of the existing diversity of a fully networked market and diversify its services, according to innovative practices that are appropriate for our time.

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