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The thing we usually leave behind

The thing we forget or usually leave behind has nothing to do with something mysterious, as the title refers to the purpose of our professional actions. Do successful professionals maintain a satisfying daily routine in addition to financial comforts enjoyment?

Maybe the boundaries were needed to be set, but this didn't happen, and their work didn't help them to break down the harmful social norms. Always in the triptych, the third factor is the audience to which you address to understand that the view of the services or products you offer needs the required respect.

Maybe the people who you addressed it from the beginning were stupid and immature to manage the information they received to a ridiculous degree. It doesn't matter now who you are and what you do to live, as such a world seeks victims to exploit, instead of artists, employers, workers. And then what goes around, comes around.

Maybe the professionals themselves had different priorities and funny requirements until a certain age they decided to make a complete turnaround. The turn is difficult but necessary for those who want it. Otherwise their minds will be stuck in this dream of impending change.

After all these things and the maybes, personal affairs and general conditions the world is changing. Are we ready to board with a clear attitude?

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