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The workplace as a cultural point

We continue to move forward with steady steps; that's indisputable. But beyond that, where do we go? At this very point, can we decide which path to take next? The path we're following has no surprises, because we decided to follow a sure routine without pitfalls or difficulties. Really, this horrible certainty of the future, of today and tomorrow, this tight security of things isn't it a trap?

People before us felt good about the prospect that the majority of citizens in 2022 are somehow suffering unbearably and doesn't give them a way out. Work is a big part of life that does not define ourselves. Through it, we provide what we want to offer and we build what we thought to build. Work is a real blessing.

Today few antiwork movements and inhumane working conditions undermine this acquis for the West and the rest of the world. The question here is whether the employees and the employers-shareholders-owners feel the need to go one step further, organizing a business with a fixed index of creativity and dealing with internal problems.

To be or not to be? Answering this question you have to be terribly honest. Concentrate on the question: to be or not to be.

To make a workplace sustainable, you need a whole team that will be convinced of this goal and these values which are needed ​​to be passed on to the next ones. Under the domain of one nothing can happen or be transmitted to others. The very history of business is sketched by teams, even disorganized ones, in order to be able to travel a few kilometers in the market.

Let's observe the trade unions that, no matter how badly governed, bring a certain result to where they want. This innate unity is lacking in the business world and people who work, especially in high-ranking positions, treat the business and its people like a hen pushing her to make more golden eggs.

At some point in everyone's life, the pointlessness of oppression is revealed, especially in a place where there should be an excess of creativity, free thought and imagination. The world is changing, we are ready for such a leap in the present.

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