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Terms of services

The assignment of a case constitutes a complete matter of work and there is always commission, before every activity related to the task. As a commission, we define the prepayment for the engagement of Myrgelos and our associates with a case. And as payment, we define the total cost of the project.


The commission is standard priced and does not depend on the size of the company, nor the complexity of the nature of the problem. Technical instructions on terms of services don't correspond to the exact technical instructions of the contracts but agree on their main points. Commissions are never returned.

Under no circumstances can be the disclosure of data by Myrgelos, and every reference is made under a regime of confidentiality, whether it concerns things before or after the assignment of a case. In addition, the collection of data by one side or the other is considered illegal and reprehensible (except for basic contact information found on the Internet, or provided by consent).

Neither party (client-professional) is obliged to respond to messages that do not belong to corporate profiles. We deeply recommend not sharing information with non-corporate profiles for further data protection. We use exclusive emails with endings and for any change that occurs during the course, you will be notified in advance by the official profile.

Timelines are from 1 month to 5 months, during the biggest part of which information is analyzed. Otherwise, in case such a schedule isn't possible in this period of time then it is marked for inclusion in the waiting list.

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